A Warrior's Soul by Dave Brosha on 500px

A Warrior’s Soul by Dave Brosha “Mi’kmaq warrior and dancer, Danny Boy Stephens, takes a moment to reflect on the shores of the Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Canada. #readysetholiday #travel

11 best places to see the Northern Lights

Learning English with Michelle: 144 Things Canada Has Given the World

On Canada's birthday, 144 things Canadians have given to the world apart from Canadians.

Canada | Native Inuit Women in Gala Dress. Fullerton, Northwest Territories ca. 1904 | Photo taken by Geraldine (J.D.) Moodie

Portrait of three Inuit women wearing beaded baby-pouches. This photograph was taken in a studio at Fullerton, Nunavut, 1904

Bear Rock Mountain, Northwest Territories, Canada

This mountain is near the town of Tulita, which is at confluence of the Bear River and the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The three patches on the side of mountain represent "beaver pelts" according to an ancient Dene legend.

Histoire du Canada - Population et peuplement - 4e partie - YouTube

Histoire du Canada - Population et peuplement - 4e partie - YouTube

Le commandant Robert Piché

Le commandant Robert Piché