Toronto Castle

Torontos Majestic Castle Casa Loma in Ontario Canada. The former home of Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt. Canadas foremost castle complete with decorated suites secret passages an 800 foot unde

Flat-iron building in Toronto, Canada

Been there several times and I like this Flat-iron design - the Gooderham building - Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada - I have stood in front of this building many times "The Flat Iron Building" I believe it is known as.


flat iron building, one of our oldest standing buildings. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (been)

Frozen Niagara Falls, Canada

Ice coated railing at Niagara Falls. The continual spray coats everything around the Falls, producing fantastic ice shapes.


Toronto mounted police at Bloor and Bathurst, by Honest Ed's (Ed Mirvish landmark store), Toronto, Ontario

Canada Geese

Honk if youre Canadian, eh! Here in Montana our River Drive Park gets overrun by Canadian goslings every spring by lazy CANADA Geese