I was so focuses on the cute babies that I didn't even notice the car on fire< really? I'm just so used to seeing the cute babies that I noticed the car first lol

many famous actors, musicians and other famous people are originally from Canada, we are proud to have these incredibly talented people representing Canada.... and we have poutine #popularculture http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2013/07/01/eh-20-celebrities-you-may-not-know-are-actually-canadian/

Canadian apology…

Funny pictures about Polite Canadian Apology. Oh, and cool pics about Polite Canadian Apology. Also, Polite Canadian Apology photos.

Meanwhile in Canada ...

Meanwhile in Canada

impalathief: “ butts-are-wonderful: “ laughfloor: “ where’s the fucking rent ” “Yes, hello, I’m from the FBI.

Canada! where things are somehow different :) http://themetapicture.com/things-are-somehow-different-in-canada/

Things are somehow different in Canada…

I'm Canadian yet I've never had a chance to kiss a moose. :( Mind you, I've got to sit outside on the ground and play with raccoon kits while their mom watched, unconcerned and trusting me!

Oh man first off, that would be SO much less soft than he thinks it is...second, is that from the roof of a house??? That's a LOT of snow...

Spring Humor in Canada: Oh man first off, that would be SO much less soft than he thinks it is.second, is that from the roof of a house? That's a LOT of snow.

A Practical Solution

A Practical Solution

superfizz: “laughhard: “my boyfriend’s mailbox was buried so far under the snow they couldn’t dig it out…. so he improvised ” That’s the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen.

Alberta winters

Living in Michigan

Circle of winter. Just finished shoveling the driveway. Better go shovel the driveway.

I am Canadian and people from USA come up to me and are like "eh. Want soda eh? Like that maple eh?

Haha! That's awesome.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 89 Pics Moose in the pool hahahahahahaha