Moolicious Kitchen: Lobster Pizza with Swiss Chard

When we crave seafood and pizza together, the solution is obvious; we usually make a seafood pizza! For this, I used a store bought dough to.

Moolicious Kitchen: Winter is Coming Mac 'n Cheese

So, "Winter is Coming" to quote the Starks. I created a Mac 'n Cheese dish that will get you ready. Boil two cups of rigatoni until al den.

Moolicious Kitchen: Guilt Free Fudge Brownies

I made these with a few ideas in mind, so ingredients are estimates and some items are added. Trial and error. If the cup honey is too s.

Moolicious Kitchen: Tortilla Lasagna

I was inspired by lasagna. Fry half an onion, 3 cloves of garlic, and start browning one package of veal.

Moolicious Kitchen: Bachelor's Supper

Moolicious Kitchen: Bachelor's Supper

Moolicious Kitchen: Garlic Chicken

I am not kidding when I say this is the best chicken recipe I have ever .

Moolicious Kitchen: Hazel's Nutella

This is basically Nutella without all the modified palm oil and this and that. Since this detox, weight tra.

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