Dogies and friends!

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a dog is sitting on its back and hugging another dog
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Bear hug
a dog with a bird on its head and a speech bubble in front of it
So sweet
a dog laying on its back with four cats sitting on it's back and the caption giving new meaning to the words dog bed
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two dogs and three cheetah standing on top of a rock
WATCH: Cheetah And Puppy Are BFFs
animal love. Who says a dog & cat can't be best friends
three cats sitting on top of a cat tree with the caption meow uh, meow?
Dog Cat Meowf
Funny Dog Cat Meowf
a small dog is laying next to a horse that is wearing a blanket on it's back
Too cute!! Napping horse with cozy Rottweiler pup.
a dog and a horse standing next to each other on a stone slab in front of a fence
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