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Looks like a deep window instead of a ceiling of glass . I want to make the window version in my mind

L’Arc de Triomphe - La Place de l’Etoile - La Tour Eiffel {beautifully photographed by

Cabin Home in the Lofoten Islands, Norway by Dan Lum.

upknorth: “I make myself rich by making my wants few. - Thoreau getoutdoors upknorth Cabin home in the Lofoten Islands, Norway by ”

Have you ever visited Bremen? Definitely consider visiting it on your next trip, you’ll fall in love with it! Thanks for this beautiful photo!

Sharing a few photos from Banff today! We were up in Banff shooting with Albion Fit for a few days and then we attended the Somewhere Devine video expedition!

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Italy & Paris – Gypsea Lust Photo - walk around and just enjoy where i am, not knowing where it would lead me