More than floor pillows - fun for kids but also entirely useful for adults. Small magnetic attachments allow them to be connected side-by-side in relatively stable structural formations – a simple but effective design strategy to make them more multi-functional - by Cojines

modular Floor Pillows IKEA With Modern decorating before and after

Art in science. Word wall?

My forces anchor charts. Doing structures with my kiddos.

When building on a slope, engineers have to make sure the slope is stable. How deep does a foundation need to be? In the "Building Structures: It's a Slippery Slope" #science project, students explore using buildings made from LEGO® Duplo blocks and built into a simulated slope. What happens when a ball rolls down and hits a building? [Source: Science Buddies,] #STEM #scienceproject

Our local university has an engineering week every winter, around February. If you have a similar set-up where you live, you could do a local engineering fair leading up to this and then have everyone attend. Of just do your own local fair!

A series of tables in three sizes made from wooden dowels wrapped with a metal ring.    The design allows for a solid and stable structure without the need for glue or screws.

Flexible Bamboo Stool - The Flexible Bamboo Stool is a stunning piece of furniture that looks more like a mini architectural model. With its arching strips of wood, the st.

Building Big Forces/Loads/Materials/Shapes Labs - Interactive, teaches forces and loads in structural design

Check out the Building Big resources at the PBS website! We will be learning about many of these concepts in class, but you might get a jump start by trying some of the labs and exploring the.

Structures and Forces - Final Project Rubric

Structures and Forces - Final Project Rubric

Structures and Forces

This file photo taken on September 2001 shows a man standing in the rubble, and calling out asking if anyone needs help, after the collapse of the first World Trade Center Tower in New York City.

K'NEX Education - Intro to Structures: Bridges by K'NEX Education. $34.66. Investigate different bridge designs and understand how they work. Describe and understand the forces that act on structures.. Comprehensive teacher's guide aligned to NSES, ITEEA, NCTM and Common Core Mathematics standards included.. Describe how structures are made stable and how they are able to support loads.. Builds 13 Bridge Models from K'NEX!. Models are fully functioning replicas of...

K'NEX Education - Intro to Structures: Bridges