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a large house with two garages in front of it and flowers on the steps
Luxury Exterior Doors
Fall has arrived! 🍁 Not to worry, there's still time to replace your front door with one that is made to withstand Canadian winters! Use the link in our bio to start shopping our styles today 🪵
Exterior Wood Door
Transform your home's curb appeal with the timeless elegance of an exterior wood door. Crafted with precision and showcasing the natural beauty of wood, our doors are not just an entry point but a statement piece. Embrace the warmth of woodgrain textures and the durability of craftsmanship. Elevate your home's exterior with the perfect blend of style and functionality. #ExteriorWoodDoor #CurbAppeal #WoodenEntry #HomeUpgrade #FrontDoorInspiration #TimelessDesign
a wooden door is shown with the price tag below it
Modern Vertical Exterior Door
Step into the world of cutting-edge design with the modern vertical exterior door—a stunning fusion of style and functionality that is redefining curb appeal. Here's why this architectural masterpiece is capturing the attention of discerning homeownersModern Vertical Exterior Door
a wooden door with the words visit our website on it's front side and bottom panel
Royal Wooden Door
Experience the grandeur of royalty with our exquisite Royal Wooden Door. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this magnificent entrance piece embodies timeless elegance and sophistication. Each wooden panel is meticulously carved, showcasing intricate motifs and ornate patterns that are sure to captivate your guests upon arrival.
a garage with two double doors and a tree in the background
Door Solutions for Exteriors
Outside home storage includes places for ehicles, patio furniture or pool supplies. It can also be converted to a business use. No matter what the intention is for this space, we can help you design and build doors that can personalize it to your tastes. In the photo, we created two over-sized doors 60" in width by 96" in height at 1 3/4" thickness. The wood used was cedar and the glass was thermal. The panels are flat with a v-groove design on both sides.
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or baking, as well as other things
Bringing Life to your Kitchen.
Talk about bringing life and light to this kitchen space. Adding a full lite door like our Style # 300 with clear flat tempered thermal glass turned a dark and dingy space into a bright and vibrant one.
a wooden deck with lounge chairs on it next to a body of water and trees
Door Styles for Boathouses
Did you know we make doors for boathouses? A boathouse is a building specifically designed for the storage of boats, normally smaller craft for sports or leisure use. These are usually located on open water such as rivers or lakes. Inside this beautiful boathouse, our Style # 85 in solid pine with horizontal planks were selected, a great choice which provides excellent insulation, soundproofing and security.
a dog is standing in front of a door with a glass pane on it's side
Wood Doors Help with energy costs!
Summer is quickly coming to an end and the cold weather is just around the corner. What’s the best way to prepare for the upcoming cold season? The answer is a new front wood door. Not only does a solid wood door provide the best insulation compared to steel and fibre glass but also superior security. In this photo, our Style # 900LG in oak features a lead grill with a tempered, thermal frosted glass along with a plank bottom. Order your new door today just before the frigid temperatures hit.
a wooden door with a glass paneled window in an unfinished warehouse area, surrounded by plywood planks
August is a good time to install a new front door.
Preparing for a cold winter with this custom exterior oak door, Style # 900LD, with thermal frosted leaded glass and plank bottom.
a wooden door with a glass paneled window in an unfinished warehouse area, surrounded by plywood planks
August is a good time to install a new front door.
Preparing for a cold winter with this custom exterior oak door, Style # 900LD, with thermal frosted leaded glass and plank bottom.
the front door of a house with two sidelights
Glass Entry Doors to Brighten Dark Hallways
Have a dark hallway? Consider a front entrance with a glass door and matching side lites. Our Style # 112 in Solid Pine with clear flat thermal glass is perfect in resolving issues with dark hallways.
several wooden doors are being assembled in a shop
Be Prepared For Winter with A New Wood Front Door.
Summer is just flying by. If you are in need of a new exterior door, now would be the perfect time to place your order just before the cold sets in.
several unfinished doors are lined up in a warehouse
Cottage Country? Popular Stain Grade Exterior Door.
Heading to the cottage? So are skid-fulls of our Style # 764 in clear pine with 6 raised pine panels for stain. This style is suitable for interior and exterior use. Apply Winmax a wood conditioner that helps prevent streaking and blotching and ensures a beautiful and even stain to all 6 sides of the door.
an unfinished wooden door in a shop
Craftsman Style Exterior Door
Our Style # 97 is a perfect design if you are looking for that Craftsman style front door. These door designs date back to England in the 19th century. Craftsman style doors typically consist of solid wood and use rectangular windows and panels to establish depth.
a large modern house with lots of windows and grass in front of the door area
What's Trending in Exterior Doors for Modern Homes
Modern style homes are trending these days in new builds. What door style suits modern homes? It’s our # 87 plank door which uses tongue and groove construction. This is the best design on the market to ensure good soundproofing and security for your home.