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kemetic-dreams:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu0z6zyc2J8  Thank you!I keep saying it from experience, & I’m always told I need Jesus… No disrespect but for what?

Spirituality came from Africa with the original people. Then later turned and twisted into occult or evil by European oppressors to specifically keep Africans in fear and in Re-Leigion (mass fear based control on all levels.

Amelia Bassano

Amelia Bassano is the lady who wrote all of Shakepeare's plays. Because she was black they would not publish her work. She died in poverty because she never received a dime for her work. Shakespeare was iliterate & could barely write his own name.

Religion is Man-Made

Yup so who you praying to? TMH didn't give us holidays either not one of those days are in the bible! Research what you're practicing family!

And if his name were Yashua then it would be translated as Joshua. The correct name is Yesa, which was translated as Jesus.

Think on this: The letter J is no more than 600 years old, making names such as Jesus and Jehovah, impossible renderings of the true names. Yahshua, his true name - means Salvation of Yahweh.he is become my salvation.