Did similar to this in an Actifry - tasted sooo much better than in local eateries!!! Sweet Potato fries and dip

Guaranteed Crispy Sweet Potato Fries & Sriracha Mayo Dip

Guaranteed Crispy Sweet Potato Fries - served with Sriracha Mayo Dip! (just sub arrowroot for the cornstarch) (p. - the hubs is gonna flip for the Sriracha mayo dip!

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) I used Agave instead of syrup or honey, I used this organic coconut substitution for the soy sauce and cut the garlic. I found the batter to be too dry, so I thinned it out but then it stuck to the side of the Actifry pan.

Lemon-Soy Chicken Wings (Actifry)

Lemon-Soy Chicken Wings (Actifry)

I got an Actifry for Christmas this year and absolutely love it. I have modified some of my original recipe to cook in the actifry. This is the first one, and it was just as yummy cooked this way and just as easy, but with less oil.

Organic + Elegant Inn Walden Wedding

Captured by Arielle Doneson, this Organic + Elegant Inn Walden Wedding features white hydrangeas and gold and blue details.