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Son, we need to talk… I found your catnip.

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Right... Gotcha.
Can't help it!
So cute!

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a bunch of white puppies are in the back of a car and there is a caption that reads officer do you know why i pulled you pulled you over?
Nothing suspicious here, officer! 🥸 Just some... uh, very lifelike stuffed animals! 😉
a poster with instructions on how to use the perfect hairball location for your cat
The perfect hairball location 😹
Who needs a hairball awareness day when cat owners have their own daily hairball awareness program? 🐱 😹 Keeping those hairballs at bay is a task for many owners. Always keep in mind that frequent brushing, high-fiber diets, and solid hydration are great ways to minimize and even prevent hairballs! For an added boost, why not check out our range of hairball formula cat foods at Ruffins? Your kitty will thank you...and so will your comforter! 🐾 😻
a hand holding a small yellow lizard wearing a crocheted hat with pine cones on it's head
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a cat is wearing a green dinosaur costume
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105 Halloween Cat Costumes That Will Make You Smile
a dog wearing a tinfoil hat with his tongue hanging out
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a baby and two dogs dressed up as superman and wonder, with the caption dogs they got your back
Super dogs! (& baby)
a small white dog wearing a sweater on top of a rug
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a stuffed giraffe laying on top of a blanket
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