Bad Running Shoes

Motion control stability running shoes with a padded heel facilitate an unnatural running gait which is over-striding and heel striking. Heel striking produces an impact force linked to many common lower leg injuries such as shin splints and stress fractures.
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How Running #Shoes Affect Biomechanics - Kenyan distance runners learned how to run correctly before #running in a shoe and many of us heel strike because we are not raised to run #barefoot

Kenyans run in heeled running shoes and do not heel strike due to earlier adaptations of a non-heel strike running style determined by running barefoot.

Mo Farah does not heel strike, but the Nike Pegasus ad shows that he does.  No matter how short, or long the distance is, Farah presents great forefoot strike running mechanics, which we can all learn from.  However, the Nike Pegasus ad is precisely the kind of example of the potentially unfavorable impairments certain running shoes may have on biomechanics

Nike featured Mo Farah in an ad for the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Yet, it looks as if Farah is heel striking, when we well know he is a forefoot striker.

Heeled #running #shoes globally impairs body posture compared with #minimalist running shoes - Left, shows how a zero-drop minimalist running shoe does not alter postural alignment compared to right, shows the alterations of posture parameters caused by a heeled running shoe

Heeled running shoes globally impair body posture compared with minimalist running shoes Related

Excessive cushioning under the heel correlates to over-striding, impaired foot-placement awareness, heel striking, and greater exchange of momentum with the ground

Minimalist running shoes reduce knee pain by improving foot strike mechanics, encouraging a runner to land on the forefoot instead of the heel.

Nike Air Pegasus 31 Bad for Forefoot Running - Arch support in the Nike Air Pegasus 31 leads to higher rates of maximum force in the medial forefoot during running

Nike Air Pegasus 31 increases maximum force in the medial forefoot, suggesting that the shoe is not suited for forefoot running.

Cushion heel running shoes modifies body posture by increasing plantar flexion, anterior pelvic tilt, and trunk extension compared to #barefoot conditions

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Too much shoe cushioning may inflict harm on your running form

No study has proven that running shoe cushioning prevents running injuries or improves athletic performance.

Another Major Problem with Cushioned Heeled Running Shoes

Power through your next run in the light and dynamic Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 running shoe!

Running Shoes for Support Actually Impairs Balance

The best way to optimize dynamic running balance stability is to improve neuromuscular processing, which governs posture control. Minimalist running.

Running Shoes with Heel Cushion Bad for Performance in Young Runners

concluded that extra cushioned running shoes are detrimental to a young runner still developing a running style.

Thick Cushioned Zero Drop Running Shoes - The metabolic cost of forefoot running increases with shoe cushion thickness

Think of low heel to toe drop running shoes with thick cushioning as a waste of time.

Most #running shoes for kids are fashionable, and are overly cushioned, but this is why they get ankle injuries

Upgraded with a new midsole foam thats softer than previous versions* Nikes Free Rn model also boasts an enhanced tri-star-patterned soles that expand and contract for a more natural range of motion

Cushioned running shoes increases balance failure frequency

Cushioned running shoes increases balance failure frequency