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Owl Boxes: Create  a home for the owl.

Barn owls are natural pest control. Build or buy a barn owl box to house an owl family in your backyard. A family of barn owls can eat up to rodents in a four-month period. All without chemicals. Here's how to attract more to your area.

Washing lines in Castello

Washing lines in Castello

5 Favorites: Backyard Chicken Coops for Small Flocks. Cute coop design

Raised Herb Garden red cedar chicken coop from Williams-Sonoma performs double-duty by allowing you to grow herbs and vegetables in a raised garden attached to your hens’ dwelling—a drainage system keeps water from falling into the run below.

Backyard canopy.  Put PVC pipe into a 5-gallon bucket, then pour cement around it. Once dry, you put the bucket into a tall planter, surround the bucket with gravel, then top with soil. (Not covering the pipe) Stick a bamboo pole into the pipe and hang fabric with ties through grommets.

DIY Simple Backyard Shade - Put PVC pipe into bucket then pour cement around it. Once dry, put bucket in tall planter, surround bucket w/ gravel, top w/ soil. (Not covering pipe) Stick bamboo pole into pipe & hang fabric w/ ties through grommets.