Inuit Whale Portraits - that artist woman

Inuit Whale Portraits (that artist woman)

What a cool cultural art project! Arctic Inukshuk Paintings Inuit- Kid World Citizen

An Inukshuk Project for Kids: Arctic Art from the Inuit

▶ Inuit story telling with Michael Kusugak - YouTube

Inuit story teller and author Michael Kusugak recounts a story from his youth to Canadian youth participants of Inuit arts and culture week hosted at Histori.

Schooltv: How to Build an Igloo short video - by Douglas Wilkinson - National Film Board of Canada

How to Build an Igloo by Douglas Wilkinson - Survival skills? The spiral-ingenious! Sugar cube igloo model :D

An Inuit/Eskimo family in the Arctic 1959. 16:18 to speaker.   Teacher resource.

The barren life of an Inuit family and their children in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Arctic Canada more than fifty years ago. See my other 1000 clips by searching YouT.


"hello anyone in there?" ( the polar bear looking into the igloo) "no can't see anyone look" the two polar bears peaking)

Woodland Stick Frame directions...could use for The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush lesson

Woodland Stick Frame - I would use twine instead of yarn though. The Legend of the Indian Paint Brush

▶ Inuit Harpoon I - YouTube

A short discussion of how the Inuit harpoon is used from a kayak. Video filmed by Mark Tozer, Greenland or Bust (thanks, Mark!