Chapter 7 - This is another pin that contains clothing vocabulary. It's not all the vocab we learned but its good to refresh your memory.


A basic practice worksheet for possessives. Possessives are studied to say how family members are related to you.

French Clothing Vocabulary Word Search

French Word Search: Les Vêtements

Learn 26 vocabulary words for French clothing items with this printable word search activity. This worksheet would make a great handout for early finishers or as a fun thing to take home.

Puzzles can be a fun and easy way for students to grow their French vocabulary.  Word searches, crosswords, and word scrambles make great hand outs and a good activity for French club.  7 puzzles covering a variety of topics.

French Vocabulary Puzzle Bundle

Clothing unit-Here is a French word search featuring clothing vocabulary. It is free for you to print along with a lot of other French puzzles.