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I like this picture because the the space around the man make it look like he is the only person in the world who is doing their own thing. #semiphoto

Healthy and Productive Meetings < benefits of walking to “clear your brain” or build relationships is not a new leadership technique. walking with colleagues can boost relationship-building and collaboration. That means rethinking meetings.

I like this picture because it follows the rule of lines with the rows of flowers which makes them look endless. #semiphoto

Brad Mitchell: Poplar Row and Daffodils at Sunrise Available with acrylic finish in sizes up to 50 x 75 inches. Poplar row and daffodils at sunrise, Skagit Valley, Washington. By Brad Mitchell Photography.

I like this picture because it follows the rule of thirds by making the building not in the middle but on the side. #semiphoto.

Gunwharf Quay - Jason Bartlett AS Photography © I personally think that this is a great perspective photograph I took. It also took a long time lining up the rule of the thirds with the Lipstick building but in the end it turned out really amazing.