...  ·  Detective: So his dead body was lying in the middle of the floor for 3 days and you didn't notice? Suspect:Maybe...wait...I don't get it...Repeat the question!
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Tsukishima Kei & Nishinoya Yuu - Paused like this, it actually looks like Tsukki's smiling...

I love their friendship tbh like its so subtle and background but I love it so much like Noya brings out such a light side in Tsukki they can joke together and not be insulted but alos know what lines not to cross and I just ahhhh!

I'm going to use this with my boyfriend, if I ever get one

kagehina karodraws karodoodles ah what am I doing there're so many things to do and so much tension in home I may as well just say 'shit happens' and do nothing we all need some fluffs for soul

I believe in you too, Iwa-chan!!!

Inspiring image haikyuu, oikawa tooru, ceejles, shipping, fanart by rayman - Resolution - Find the image to your taste