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How to make a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl using the Wilton Cookie Bowl Pan

Wilton® ice cream cookie bowl pan - fun way to serve ice cream sundaes—this tool is ideal for baking cookies in the shape of cups. They make the perfect containers for a DIY ice cream bar. They work perfectly for mini cakes, too . perfect for ice cream

German Cucumber Salad

German Cucumber Salad 2 pounds small field cucumbers (English cucumbers would also work), thinly sliced large onion, thinly sliced cup chopped fresh dill 4 Tbsp white vinegar 3 Tbsp olive oil 1 tsp sugar salt to taste

Refrigerator Cucumber Salad

yummy summer salad and can stay in your fridge up to 2 months. Refrigerator Cucumber Salad 4 thinly sliced cucumbers sliced red onions sliced green bell peppers (or color of your choice) salt white vinegar 1 sugar celery flakes red pepper flakes