palm Tree posa

Stretch the sides of body with this standing and balancing pose - Tiryaka tadasana. Bring yoga into your day.

sfinge posa

sfinge posa

le gambe fino al muro pose

Pin for Later: This Yoga Sequence Is Even Better Than a Before-Bed Massage Legs Up the Wall

gatto e tratto di mucca

Improve your snooze quality with these simple, soothing yoga poses It’s not exactly easy to shut your brain after a hectic day. Between meetings across town, running to fit in a sweat, and fi…

mezza Signore della posa pesce

mezza Signore della posa pesce

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Power yoga – 5 yoga poses to reduce back pain pose Hamstring Stretch Up Wall


Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches – Every yogi knows that yoga isn& just a spiritual practice. It is a healing method. Each pose has its own healing benefits.

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Yoga: The Hidden Health Benefits of Down Dogging. Read about surprising health benefits of practicing yoga that you may have never known!