Waterfalls are normally an astounding sight for tourists, but in Alberta, Canada, the Cameron Falls located inside the Waterton Lakes National Park turns red when heavy rains occur. Argolite, the red-colored sediment, causes the water to turn red. It is recommended to visit Cameron Falls during the rainy season to get a lucky view of the fall's natural wonder.

Cameron Falls Alberta, Canada Incredibly rare moment: a waterfall turned tomato soup red. The red coloring of the water is a result of heavy rainfall washing sediment (with large quantities of argolite) into the river.

Explore Toronto this summer. Who doesn't love a trip to the Canadian National Exhibition? Mmmm, CNE doughnuts!

The Ex or Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is a long running summertime tradition in Toronto.

Rock Pools, Canadian Mountains | Top 20 Beautiful Nature & Places In Canada.

Real(Mislabeled) - Pinned as: "Rock Pools, Canadian Mountains" - These are Natural pools in Huanglong, Sichuan China.

Canadian Hot Springs Tour

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