Thunder Bay, Canada famous Hoito Finish Breakfast from

Thunder Bay, Canada famous for Finnish Pancake Breakfast at the Hoito Restaurant

Cliffs Sleeping Giant Chimney Thunder Bay Ontario

Cliffs at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Thunder Bay, ON

Lake Superior Provincial Park near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Sleeping Giant is legendary. Amethyst Mines are nearby, one of only a few large deposits of amethyst in the world lies near Thunder Bay, Ont.

Mount McKay, Thunder Bay

Mount McKay, Thunder Bay

Ouimet Canyon, Ontario Ouimet (WE-met) Canyon, between Thunder Bay and Rossport, requires a bit of a detour from the road, but it's worth the trip. A shady path ends abruptly at a wooden platform. According to a sign dizzyingly close to the rail, the canyon is 30 stories deep, more than a mile long and almost 500 feet wide

Best Midwest Road Trips: Lake Superior Circle Tour

Lake Superior Circle Tour - Ouimet Canyon, just east of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Mount McKay in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Hike to Mount McKay

Mount McKay in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Actually walked up that, well most of the way

Persians—somewhat like a cross between a large cinnamon bun and a doughnut, topped with strawberry icing, unique to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Thunder Bays prized pastry has zero ties to the Middle East so why is it called a Persian?

Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada side trip from Isle Royale

Amethyst and quartz colored red through hematite inclusions / Origin: Diamond Willow mine, Pearl, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

For Rock Hounds: Blue Points Amethyst Mine in Northern Ontario