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a planter with red flowers and green plants on the side of a house in front of a door
Colorful Flower Container Ideas
A collection of beautiful and colorful flower container ideas for your porch and patio! Lots of unique and unexpected summer porch planter ideas.
a planter filled with purple flowers sitting on the side of a building
Front Door Planters for Summer
Are you looking for something a new to plant at your front door this season? Try this easy combination that’s moody and vibrant at the same time with shades of violet, greenery and pops of white.
a woman standing in front of some plants with the words tips to garden at any age and ability
Growing Gracefully: Make Gardening a Joy at Any Age or Health Stage
Now, I believe everyone who told me about all the aches and pains that come with aging. As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I’m used to managing it on a regular basis. But now, it’s most definitely an everyday thing. Here’s how to make gardening easier as you age or your health changes. #GardeningIdeas #GardenTips #GardenLove #Aging #ChronicPain #Spoonie #Disability #GardenHelp #GardenTherapy
the different types of leaves are shown in this image, and each type is labeled with their own name
Snake Plant Care & 5 Amazing Benefits of Sansevieria
Easy Snake Plant care tips such as sun light, soil, water, temperature, & propagation. How to grow beautiful healthy Sansevieria plants indoors & outdoors! – A Piece of Rainbow #indoorplants #snakeplants #propagation indoor plants, houseplants, gardening, bohemian, living room ideas, boho home décor, #houseplants #gardening #gardeningtips #containergardening #diy #bohemian #bohemiandecor #bohochic #boho #homedecor #homedecorideas boho #bedroom #livingroom
someone is holding a flower in their hand while another person places it on the ground
Propagate Hydrangea Cuttings {99% Success Rate}
Propagate Hydrangea cuttings in 2 easy steps! Multiply beautiful Hydrangeas for free in 2 weeks. Start rooting plants with a FAIL PROOF propagation secret! - A Piece of Rainbow #flowers #gardening #farmhouse #cottagegarden #gardeningtips #urbangardening #gardendesign #gardenideas #containergardening #diy #summer #spring country garden, English garden design, gardening, grow flowers, farmhouse style
a poster showing the different types of plants and their uses for companion planting, including tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce
Vegetable Garden Layout: 7 Best Design Secrets
Vegetable Garden Layout: 7 Best Design Secrets! - A Piece Of Rainbow
seeds on a wooden table with the text can i use old seeds? garden therapy
Using Old Seeds: How Long Do Seeds Last in Packets? - Garden Therapy
How long do seeds last in packets? Longer than you may think! Old seeds can still produce plenty of life if you’re willing to give them a chance. Here’s what you need to know about using old seeds in your garden. #Seeds #Gardening #PlantLove #GardenIdeas #GardenAdvice #PlantingAdvice #GardenHelp #GardenTherapy
wildflower lawn alternatives with text overlay
From Lawn to Urban Meadow: My Alternative Lawn Guide - Garden Therapy
My wildflower front yard has turned my house into the talk of the town. Everyone loves it! What was once a drab, uneven, and neglected lawn has turned into an urban meadow that is not only stunning but incredibly low maintenance and eco-friendly. Here’s how to transform your property using a wildflower alternative lawn mix! #wildlflowers #flowergarden #flowers #wildflowerlawn #lawncare #lawnalternative #regenerativegarden #permaculture #gardentherapy
seedlings are growing in the ground with text reading choosing the best seeds tips
Buying a Plant: 6 Tips for Choosing Seedlings for Your Garden - Garden Therapy
Don’t just grab the first plant you see! Pick up your seedling and give it a thorough check with these tips on how to choose garden plants and veggies. Spoiler alert: avoid buying a plant that’s already flowering. #seeds #seedstarting #gardening #gardenlove #gardentips #seedlings #gardenseason #gardentherapy #springgardening
a dandelion plant with the words how to identify weeds
What is a Weed? Tips for Weed Identification In Your Garden - Garden Therapy
What is a weed? Get tips to identify the weeds in your garden. #garden #gardening #gardeningtips #weeds #gardentherapy
some flowers that are growing in the ground and on top of each other, with text overlay saying shade loving shrubs
Shrubs for Shaded Areas You'll Love
If you have an area in the garden or around your house that receives a fair amount of shade every day consider this list of shrubs that may be the best choice for you.
a book cover with an image of a garden in the foreground and text that reads,
Edible Edges: Landscaping That's Good Enough to Eat! - Garden Therapy
Learn how to incorporate edible edges into your garden. Pop in edible plants that look decorative and provide harvestable crops along the edges of the garden for an easy and attractive foodscape. #edibleedges #ediblegarden #garden #landscaping #gardeningtips #gardentherapy
an avocado is being cut into pieces and placed on top of a table
How to Grow Avocado from Seed (2 Easy Ways!)
2 easy ways to grow avocado tree from seed in soil or water, better than toothpicks method! Best tips on germination, indoor & outdoor planting, & more! – A Piece of Rainbow #indoorplants #houseplants #gardening #indoorgarden #farmhouse #boho #bohemian #homedecor #livingroom #bedroom indoor plants, houseplants, gardening, indoor garden, modern, farmhouse, boho, bohemian, home décor, living room, bedroom, propagation station #propagation