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sob os meus olhos

Nenhum trabalho, sem amor.. Nenhuma alegria, sem sinceridade.. Nenhuma falta, sem arrependimento.. Nenhuma dor, sem crescimento.. Nenhum lugar, sem Deus.. Nenhuma ofensa, sem perdão Nenhuma refeição,...

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

indigo–soul: “ http://indigo– Found on - Kidney Fern (Trichomanes reniforme) from New Zealand ”

Evil skeleton leaf by Rawgash on DeviantArt

Quick sombody get this leaf a protien bar! Its wasting away! Evil skeleton leaf

Prime Bokeh Wednesday

Titled that way not because its a prime lens, I was just thinking about the mathematical patterns that exist in natures designs and how this looks like a pretty simple one in comparison to say a piece of broccoli, and what the formula would be considering that 5 is a prime number... (any maths geeks out there?) Anyway about the lens, after initial reluctance, the 100mm Canon f2.8 macro has moved into my bag and ousted the lensbaby. I had fun with the old manual Lensbaby for years, and maybe…

homage to the seed weblog . . .

Blogging these days is sadly something I barely find time for ... a recent check through this blog I discovered posts stripped of images... something has clearly gone wrong with the image bank for blogger... or my own image bank! Once day I may have to delete the blogs but that is too harsh to think about now. I just posted this material below at my Studio Archives blog which has a great series of posts from 2009 till they tapered off last year to very minimal! Its been a long time since I…

Gerhard Lutz, Tonkünstler und Fotograf

Milkweed Seedpod

Asclepias syriaca seedpod just starting to explode. This pod is from the fat leaved 'Common Milkweed' found in the ditches in Ontario. Seed harvesting tip- remove the seeds the day before they start to fluff out like this. The fuzz is designed to let the seeds disperse in the wind and even a slight breeze can send them floating around. Great for general dispersion around your kitchen and self sowing in your beard. Lighting info: -Sunpak 433d camera right and in front in small homemade…


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Seed close ups and their grown up forms

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The Vintaquarian

Karl Blossfeldt - Pflanzen - #Blossfeldt #Karl #Pflanzen #structure

Karl Blossfeldt – Pflanzen

Karl Blossfeldt - Pflanzen - #Blossfeldt #Karl #Pflanzen #structure


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Untitled von Poesie - = - Grün ist die neue Farbe, mit der Wert auf ... , #farbe #poesie #untitled

Untitled von Poesie – = – Grün ist die neue Farbe, mit der Wert auf … - Blumen Bilder

Untitled von Poesie - = - Grün ist die neue Farbe, mit der Wert auf ... , #farbe #poesie #untitled