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Sometimes I feel that I can't take it anymore. Sooner or later I will break down crying and feeling sorry for myself. Because I hate having to put myself down always.i am tired of being tired of feeling not wanted and empty inside :'( :'(

Me right now at this exact time while writing this I wish I could tell my parent how much I need a countless or therapist or something to diagnose me with anxiety or depression so I can be understood and get help for one in my worthless life

Thoughts that never go away, just managed.

depressed depression lonely pain hurt eating disorder anxiety alone fat help self harm self hate cut cutter cutting Scar nothing insecure ignored important worthless mental illness liar scarred selfish bitter anxious overwhelmed mentally ill no-one

I've come to the point where I can't fix myself anymore. How am I supposed to fix myself when it is me who is tearing me down?

I know that hate is a strong word. I don't hate myself but I dislike a lot of things. I know that I have family that love me, but what about my friends? With our society all messed up how am I supposed to love myself and be confident?