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I was at my school dance and I told the DJ to play "Tell me" and when he did no one knew the song and I was the only one singing and dancing I don't regret it!

I'll never stop loving my Lil Noodle Head❤️

I'll never stop loving my Lil Noodle Head❤️. after all, he is one of the best friends of my baby😍🤩

is it bad i skipped to stage six in the beginning of my strange addiction

I passed all of them but I think I’m stuck in i ain’t planning to get out of it💞😭🙄💍

this is me lol

I mean it's more so when they like a band for just one person. But yas like they all worked hard to get where they are.

No I am never going to stop talking about why don’t we that is me sorry.

of course i will never stop talking about Why Don’t We and my friends wouldn’t say that because they love Why Don’t We to but my mom would say it😂