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Its so cute when they talk through each other through twitter<<<BUT WE ALSO BEED TO ADDRESS "" BREKKIES"" AMIRITE

Dan & Phil everybody. Friendship goals - this is what I want to have if I have a roommate!<<< omg brekkies too cute

Daniel J Layton, actor

Daniel J Layton, actor, and Daniel Howell, professional meme

ooooh it's from apartment red.... Yeah that. that was a thing. 7 years ago.

ooooh it's from apartment red.>>> he looks like should've been apart of FOB 😂

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. This is so sad and i shouldn't be laughing but it's soooo funny!!!!

Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil>>>omg this is so terrible but i can't stop laughing plz help meeeeeeeee

ayeeee, actually there was a fan fic on this

honey you did not see 2009 if you're excited about THIS time phil called dan woof