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This Woman Got Drunk And Woke Up With A Tattoo Of An Ejaculating Penis On Her Shoulder

After ordering an at-home tattooing kit online, this woman hosted tattoo parties in her home. One day she woke up with this. Bluebird on your shoulder. (via Birmingham Mail)At first, when she was 17 and drunk and partying,.

10 steps to begin decluttering your home. Stop clutter | Decluttering | Organize | Simplify your home via @SLcountrygal #declutter #organized

Are you stuck? Are you drowning in clutter and you just can't handle it anymore? Here are my top go to tips that helped me get out of a cluttered home once and for all. Stop clutter

8 Common Deodorant Mistakes Women Make That Make Them Smellier

When it comes to personal hygiene, smelling bad is one of our worst fears. For most, common deodorant mistakes include anything and everything that might make you smell the slightest bit human.