Beautifully simple newborn photography. I like the trailing wrap.

I would use a different colored background (maybe green?) but she looks very cozy and naturally posed. Headband is sweet and noticable without overpowering her

Check out these beautiful detail shots! Simple monochrome background, and perfect closeups of the tiny features. Great newborn photography ideas.

Classic Baby Names: 100 Old Fashioned Names are back

Pinning for the photos ! Looking for a classic baby names for your girl or boy? These are the most popular and unique old fashioned names and traditional names that came back.

The teeny tiniest Miss Thang. Adorable newborn photo because of how beautifully the props compliment each other in color and texture. Great newborn pose.

I love this picture baby pic idea Help! What Should We Name Our Baby Girl? Lots of great and unique baby girl names!

It's always so amazing to capture those newborn feet, especially with grown up hands to add scale.

Newborn photography just wouldn't be complete with out a picture of little baby feet. I love that mom is holding the baby, so you can still see the baby's face but the focus is on tiny toes!

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