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Sarah Sampson

Sarah Sampson
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Incorporating snowmen with solids and liquids.  Cute!

A solids & liquids writing assignment. Students write to a poor snowman/girl/lady/boy/kid/etc. who was melting and explain to them what was happening using our matter vocabulary and changing states of matter.

Core Inspiration by Laura Santos: First Day of School In Second Grade

Top five favorite activities for the first day of school in second grade: read alouds for teaching routines, teaching R. behavior management, creating hopes and dreams banners, creating tear art self portraits and writing letters to each stude

"Silent e video'. This video is a must watch! It offers a fun yet highly effective way to teach children to read words with silent e!

Reading silent e words is a challenge for many children. This short video is the best resource to help children read silent e words. It has a very novel and creative spin that is sure to do the job! I think the students in my class are going to love this!