#Epicure Vitamin C Power Fruit Salad https://saralynnhouk.myepicure.com

Breakfast: Epicure's Vitamin C Power Fruit Salad calories/serving) serve with Greek yogurt

#Epicure Banana Oat Cakes- I also just made these as waffles! https://saralynnhouk.myepicure.com

An easy and delicious protein-packed pancake that goes from raw to ready in less than 15 minutes. Make ahead and freeze, then simply reheat and serve with toppings later.

#Epicure Healthier Eggs Benny https://saralynnhouk.epicure.com

#Epicure Healthier Eggs Benny https://saralynnhouk.epicure.com

#Epicure Fast Frittata https://saralynnhouk.myepicure.com

Frittata in a flash! Perfectly balance your plate: Serve on ½ C ml) mixed greens with a side parfait of ¾ C ml) plain Greek yogurt and 1 C ml) berries.

#Epicure Omelet Wrap https://saralynnhouk.myepicure.com

#Epicure Omelet Wrap https://saralynnhouk.myepicure.com

#Epicure Classic Waffles https://saralynnhouk.myepicure.com

Tried and true, the consistency of this batter makes perfect golden waffles every time. You can make, bake, freeze, and reheat waffles in the oven the day of.

#Epicure Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Herb & Garlic Breadcrumbs https://saralynnhouk.epicure.com

Light and full of flavour. Perfect for Brunch, breakfast or a quick weeknight dinner.