1964 Unity The first stamp in the "Floral Emblem" series was a stamp designed to promote Canadian unity. The three map.

1999 - Orchids souvenir sheet

Canada Stamps -Souvenir sheet of 4 -Flowers, Canadian Orchids -MNH

1970 - White Trillium (Ontario) and Stylised Cherry Blossom

Stamp: White Trillium (Ontario) and Stylised Cherry Blossom (Canada) World's Fair, Osaka) Mi:CA 652

1970 - White Garden Lily (Quebec) and Stylised Cherry Blossom

1970 - White Garden Lily (Quebec) and Stylised Cherry Blossom

1991 - Black Walnut

Sello: Black Walnut (Canadá) (Definitives Fruit and Nut Trees) Mi:CA 1471

1992 - Beaked Hazelnut

1992 - Beaked Hazelnut

1995 - American Chestnut

Stamp: American Chestnut (Canada) (Definitives Fruit and Nut Trees) Mi:CA 1474

1993 - St. John River, New Brunswick

John River, New Brunswick (Canada) (Canadian Rivers series), Routes of Settlement & Growth) Mi:CA 1562

2004 - Red rose

Stamp: Red Rose (Canada) (Write Me .

Stamp: Pansies (Canada) (Pansies) Mi:CA BL210,Sn:CA 2809,Yt:CA F3097,Sg:CA MS3111

Stamp: Pansies (Canada) (Pansies) Mi:CA Colnect, connecting collectors. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables other collectors swap. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience!

2002 - Tulips souvenir sheet

To further celebrate the Tulip Festival, Canada Post will issue a special souvenir sheet featuring four commemorative stamps depicting the tulips 'City of Vancouver,' 'Monte Carlo,' 'Ottawa,' and 'The Bishop.

2003 - National emblems souvenir sheet

The distinctive beauty of Canada and Thailand's national emblems inspired a special joint issue introduced at the 2003 world philatelic exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

2005 - Daffodils souvenir sheet

The yellow and white daffodils appearing on this cheery spring release are well-loved symbols of hope and renewal.