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22828640936_c298d541c5_o.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 6000 × 4000 пикселов)…

22828640936_c298d541c5_o.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 6000 × 4000 пикселов)…

Venus Rising Ivan Slade (Australia) During the seldom-seen alignment of the five planets in February Venus, Mercury and the Milky Way rose an hour before sunrise, and appear to be fleeing its early glow, overlooking Turrimeta Beach, Australia.

Flash Point The Perseid Meteor Shower shoots across the sky in the early hours of August appearing to cascade from Mount Shasta in California, USA. The composite image features roughly 65 meteors captured by the photographer between and

Between the Rocks Rick Whitacre (USA) Our galaxy, the Milky Way, stretches across the night sky between two of the imposing rocks at Pfeiffer State Beach, near Big Sur, California.

Starburst Galaxy with a Superwind Photographer: Leonardo Orazi (Italy)

© Nicholas Roemmelt/Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 Painted Hills by Nicholas Roemmelt (Germany). With very little light pollution, the glimmering stars of the Milky Way bathe the colourful layers of the Painted Hills of Oregon in a natural glow.

Just Missed the Bullseye Scott Carnie-Bronca (Australia) The International Space Station (ISS) appears to pierce a path across the radiant, concentric star trails seemingly spinning over the silhouettes of the trees in Harrogate, South Australia.