Rite of Magic

Inspiration for my novel ⚔️🖤
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a woman with black makeup and lace on her face
Tarot card style illustration of two men embracing. Captioned the lovers. Novels, Coven, Tarot Cards, Tarot, Witch, Dangerous Liaisons, Book Club, Release
RITE OF MAGIC ~ The Lovers
First of hopefully many tarot cards based off my latest new release~!
the cover for rite of magic by sasha hope, featuring two men in armor
Many in this world would not suffer a witch to live…but he will do everything in his power to keep one witch from harm. When Felix helps his friend escape their strict and vicious coven, it sets off a chain of events that leaves him running for his life. Vol Coven are out for blood. Felix finds safety in the Sanctum, a neutral zone that forbids harm on those within its walls. With Vol Coven watching the doors day and night, he’s trapped. Until he meets Ionas Teague, General of the Queen’s Guar
Rite of Magic ✨
Preorder now ~ Coming 02/21
an abstract green background with lines and dots
侍: Photo
Character Art, Eyes, Persephone, Shadow, Fanart
many purple roses are arranged together in the dark room with no one around them to see
Purple Gemstone Jewelry | Gemvara
Deep purple roses. Inspiration for #purple #gems
a bouquet of purple roses sitting on top of a rock
#Roses: ☽ Meeaw ~Kitty ☾ https://ift.tt/2kwajfW
a dark alley with stairs leading up to an old brick building and a full moon in the sky
Rue de l'enfer by Eacone01 on DeviantArt
the inside of a building with glass walls and arches on it's sides, looking up at the sky
Steampunk Tendencies
Palacio de Cristal - Rai Robled #Architecture #Victorian #Madrid #Spain | Steampunk Tendencies | Scoop.it