Swan Lake

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a young man wearing an elaborately decorated coat and beaded bracelets sits on a bench
@拉萨藏服写真-么么茶 - Lạp Tát Tàng Phục Tả Chân - Yêu Yêu Trà Xiaohongshu: 拉萨藏服写真-么么茶
a woman wearing a fur hat and holding a cup
a woman wearing a fur hat in the snow
a woman with long dark hair wearing a fur hat and coat in front of snow covered mountains
TF Knitwear
a woman sitting in a field with a bird on her head and fur coat over her shoulders
a woman dressed in costume standing on top of a rocky hill next to a rope
Девушка воин - МергенСулу
a woman with braids in her hair wearing a fur coat and standing on snow covered ground
Inuit - Alaska