Soundtube FP6020-II Sound-Focusing Dome Speaker

The Soundtube Sound-Focusing Dome Speaker uses patented Dual-Parabolic dispersion control technology that provides a targeted audio footprint with true stereo separation.

Sound Dome for the home office. You get the great blast of sound, but don't wake up the baby/roomate/parents/neighbors with loud speakers.

Directional speakers for museum, digital signage, tradeshow, restaurant, control room and education applications.

Shower Sound & Directional Speakers Amity Technopolis

Shower Sound & Directional Speakers Amity Technopolis

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The sound dome is the original directional speaker. Our flagship audio dome focuses sound to a listener and provides a listening experience similar to headphones.

The Soundlazer VR uses planar wave technology to create a cloud of sound around you.

directional audio - Designed for both public spaces and private homes, these directional audio speakers offer a unique listening experience. The Soundlazer VR speake.

alt4.jpg (1485×897)

alt4.jpg (1485×897)

Soundtube SS30 Secret Sound Sound-Focusing Parabolic Speaker

The Soundtube Secret Sound 2 inch Secret Sound Speaker is a museum-quality parabolic speaker which projects a focused beam of sound onto any exhibit without distracting audio spillover. It was designed by museum professionals.