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Research: Search History 📚 Just writing a story, I swear! It's a book/novel/screenplay/script...
Ok but seriously, how incriminating is your search history? 📚📚📚 The Write-In is extending our writing hours! Night owls rejoice! 🦉 We have a few late night writers who have requested we keep going past the usual cut-off of 10:00 PM. Check out our new schedule: • 7:30 PM: Check-In • 7:45 PM: Writing Sprint 1 • 9:45 PM: Chats • 10:45 PM: Writing Sprint 2 • 11:45 PM: Goodnight And we'll be adding some extra streams of The Write-In in November to help us all meet our NaNoWriMo goals (or just get in a little more writing time, novels not required). If there are other dates/times you'd like a Write-In, pop into Discord and let us know in the NaNoWriMo channel. ✍️ The Write-In: every Wednesday night, 7:30 PM MT, streaming on Twitch. Writing sprints + sweet writerly hangs 📚 🔗
Research: Reading Tabs
A couple weeks ago we were talking about research and writing during The Write-In. I LOVE my re-useable, metal reading tabs! How do you annotate your books? I like using tabs because it doesn't interrupt my reading flow. I can quickly mark a passage and get back to reading. At the end of a chapter or essay, I'll go back and annotate the whole section into my computer notes at once. ✍️ The Write-In: every Wednesday night, 7:30 PM MT, streaming on Twitch. 2-hour write-along + sweet writerly hangs 📚 www.twitch.tv/savanna_harvey 🛒 Link in bio to the reading tabs I use. 🔔 Sign up for weekly reminder emails: https://savannaharvey.com/contact #Bookstagram #BookTube #WritersOfInstagram #WritingCommunity #Playwright #WritingVlog #Art #Artist #Writer #Writing #AuthorTube #WritingTips #