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Sarah Babcock

Sarah Babcock
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cheesy bacon potato bites party! ~ Muchtaste March 2016- I tried this recipe and it was great. Reminds you of baked potatoes with toppings. I followed the recipe excpt one part. I did not precook potatoes. I put them raw on cookue sheet. 3 large russets will make a full tray. Also forgot to say I did not add much bacon grease on foil. No need with bacon bits and cheese. So if your feeding more than 2 it will do well. Cut back if you are doing only 2. Also I lined my pan with foil. Easy clean…

These were a huge hit at our house! They are definitely on our regular rotation now! >>>> Cheesy Bacon Potato Bites - Boil sliced potatoes for 5 minutes, layer on sprayed sheet, top with cheese and bacon, bake at 375 for 15 minutes, top with green onion.

Dirt Dessert Recipe. I remember these when I was growing up!!!!! These were insanely good and it was fun to eat the worms first.

Dirt Dessert: A summertime favorite! Dirt dessert is alternating layers of crushed Oreo cookies and a lightened chocolate pudding mixture that is made to look like "dirt", complete with (gummy) worms! Will will love seeing the worms.

Rich & Creamy Grape Salad

Rich & Creamy Grape Salad ~ t’s got a rich, creamy cheesecake-like mixture that goes perfectly with the sweet, crisp grapes. (Use light cream cheese, vanilla Greek yogurt, Splenda & no brown sugar = light & yummy!