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Mason Jar Light Strands -- come with 10 jars! These would be really pretty for subtle summer lighting.

Making Maple Syrup, Canada- could use this concept for any camp fire- love the log chains

Tapping Maple trees for their sap. It is collected, boiled down to make Maple Syrup. Vermont supplies of the nations maple syrup.

Wood is a natural resource that is found on trees. Trees are cut down so they, most famously, can be used to make objects like furniture. It's funny how humans think furniture is better than oxygen, because trees provide it.

Genesee Country Village & Museum features costumed interpreters in restored historic buildings, breathing life into an authentic Country Village

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Sap buckets for Pease Scenic Valley Maple Sugar House in Orford, New Hampshire, courtesy Wes Lavin.

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Traditional meal where everything is about maple syrup!