As flowers bloom, this fingerprint Poppy flower craft is a great activity for your little one. Go on an outdoor adventure after and try to find Poppies together.

Have your kids make these beautiful fingerprint poppies! All you need is paint and fingers! These would be great on homemade cards or just for a spring art project.

Remembrance Day "recipe for peace"

Nice wee activity in relation to Remembrance - children were told the story of how the war ended on the day, month on the hour and there was peace. Provoked them to think about what helps us find peace.

Grade ONEderful: Peace Plate Craft Remembrance Day. For bulletin board contest?

Peace Plate Craft Remembrance Day, something other than a poppy to do for…

#elementary art lessons. Poppy Mixed Media art lesson

I made these with my grade 2 class. They turned out beautifully. I was really impressed. that artist woman: Poppy Mixed Media

that artist woman: Remembrance Day Mixed Media Project

Sorry I haven't been around much but I have been preparing for a well as planning for our annual Christmas Craft Day.

that artist woman: Remembrance Day painting - Art Project

In Canada we honor Remembrance Day on Nov. The poppy is the national symbol we use in recognition of the poem "In Flander's Fi.

11 Remembrance Day Crafts: How to Recognize November 11th with Young Children | momstown arts and crafts

Every year I come up with a new Poppy project for Remembrance Day. This is the 2012 version. The poppies can be made in three ways, usin.