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Tackling Health Inequalities: Lessons from International Experiences: Like brand new, gently used, no markings in book. Canadian Facts, Alex Scott, Perspective, Canada, Sign I, Health Problems, Textbook, Lettering, Books

Tackling Health Inequalities

November 2012. Tackling Health Inequalities provides a unique perspective on health inequalities in Canada and elsewhere. This exciting new volume brings together experiences from seven wealthy developed nations--the United States, Australia, Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Sweden--to analyze their contrasting approaches to reducing avoidable health problems. Why isn't Canada successfully responding to health inequalities?

CARMHA - Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health & Addiction - Simon Fraser University Mental Health Canada, Public Health, Bipolar Awareness, Social Policy, Social Determinants Of Health, Environmental Health, Social Science, Sociology, Health Education

May 2011. A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada is the first book to cover the full spectrum of mental health in Canada, from synapse to society. Written in an accessible style, it applies an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates insights from both the physical and social sciences to expand the way readers think about mental health.

Substance Use and Abuse: Everything Matters Film Books, Oppression, Social Work, Everything, Psychology, Addiction, Reading, January, Career

January 2011. At last, a book for use in the classroom and practice that informs and supports both beginning and experienced professional addictions counsellors in their work with Canadians challenged by substance use or the oppression of abuse. This compendium contains historical, conceptual, theoretical, pharmacological, psychological, social, treatment, and prevention considerations.

Bioethics in Canada: A Philosophical Introduction Social Policy, Social Determinants Of Health, Environmental Health, Health Education, Public Health, Medicine, Canada, Reading, Contemporary

March 2011. Bioethics in Canada provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophical, historical, and medical concepts that shape contemporary debates in biomedical ethics. Central to its focus is an exploration of the ways in which both modern medicine and bioethical debates are shaped by philosophical assumptions and commitments.

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Health Promotion and Quality of Life in Canada

February 2010. Health and quality of life are vital social reflections. The way a society distributes resources amongst its population tells us a great deal about the society itself. This unique volume unites readings that explore the integral link between quality of life and public policy choices. "This synthesis is long overdue and will contribute to advancing the field..." - Kim Raine, School of Public Health, University of Alberta

Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health Illness and Health Care PDF Free Online Social Class, Social Policy, Do You Really, I Care, Staying Alive, Audio Books, Insight, Health Care

Staying Alive, Second Edition

April 2010. Staying Alive provides a fresh perspective on health, health care, and illness that will be of interest to a wide range of readers in the fields of health studies, nursing, and social policy. This collection includes chapters on pharmaceutical policy, social class, race, gender and care, the social construction of illness and disability, and approaches to promoting population health that include insights into the impact of economic forces such as globalization and privatization.

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An Introduction to International Health, 2nd Edition

November 2012. An Introduction to International Health, Second Edition is a comprehensive and detailed exploration of international health and the modern aid industry. This provocative new edition is masterfully constructed around four essential themes: What is international health? Why is population health so poor in developing countries? What is the extent of the problem? What can be done about it? This eye-opening text is an essential read for all those interested in international health.

Women and Canadian Drug Policy, by Anne Rochon Ford and Diane Saibil Drugs, Meant To Be, Health, Books, Special Meaning, Photo Credit, Promotion, Core, Daughter

The Push to Prescribe

July 2009. In recent years, heated debate has surrounded the pharmaceutical industry and how it has gained unprecedented control over the evaluation, regulation, and promotion of its own products. As a result, drugs are produced, regulated, marketed, and used in ways that infiltrate many aspects of everyday life. The nature and extent of this infiltration, and how this has special meaning for women, are at the core of The Push to Prescribe.

Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada Gender Equity, Health Care Reform, February, Canada, Writing, Collection, Women, Being A Writer, Woman

Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada

February 2012. Thinking Women and Health Care Reform in Canada explores why health care is a woman's issue and seeks to address gender equity in health services. Written by members of Women and Health Care Reform (WHCR), this collection establishes the importance of including gender in discussions and decisions surrounding health sector reform.