This would be awesome for Grade 2 Alberta Social Studies. Students could do one for Meteghan, Saskatoon and Iqaluit.

The Chronicle of the Earth: Story of the World Lapbook for Volume One This is Incredible! She has volume two stuff too!

Communities in Canada: Iqaluit, NunavutBased on Alberta CurriculumBy Megan's Creative ClassroomThis Set Features: - 136 Pages of…

Grade 2 Social Studies Alberta {Communities in Canada: Iqaluit, Nunavut}

Communities in Canada: Iqaluit, Nunavut Based on Alberta Curriculum By Megan's Creative Classroom Buy this product as part of my Communities in Canada BUNDLE and save!

Alberta Grade 2 Social Studies Word Wall Words

Alberta Grade 2 Social Studies Word Wall Words

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inuit sunglasses

The Inuit carved goggles from caribou antlers to help prevent snow blindness. and block the glare of the sun on the snow. The goggles were curved to fit the user’s face and had a large groove cut in.