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vs The Arrow was way ahead of its time, but frankly. A contemporary re-design of the Arrow would have little in common with its "parent".

Arrow, 1959, AVRO, 77'9" long x 50' wingspan x 20'6" height, RCAF, Canada

Avro Arrow - Photo Gallery Being shopped in Canada again as an alternative to the obviously updated with our stealth tech.

Avro Arrows (RL-201 & RL-202) (colour photo)

Two Arrows on the tarmac during flight testing circa 1958 to 1959 x

Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow: Tories Were Pitched Plan To Resurrect Famous Aircraft Instead Of Buying

A full-scale metal replica of the Avro Arrow in this Sept. 21, 2006 file photo.

Nortel-RIM could be PM's Avro Arrow