this BBC pin shows how Ghana's statistical service announced it was revising its GDP estimates upwards by over 60% and the reasons behind the jump.

Lies, damn lies and GDP

Hunger and malnutrition: the key datasets you need to know How much food is available? What are people eating? How much do poor people spend on food? Explore the statistics with Chuah Guardian

Profile: IMF and World Bank

Key facts, figures and dates

Taking Europe’s pulse

Crossing continents

An interactive overview of European GDP, debt, and jobs

Full list of GSP schemes and beneficiaries

Full list of GSP schemes and beneficiaries

WTO - Developing countries

Another recently held meeting involving the WTO this is the first in the Accession Round Table process to be held in Africa. The first three China Round Tables were held in Asia: Beijing, China in May

Direct link to KOF index of globalisation - link on studynet was broken

ETH Zurich is a science and technology university with an outstanding research record

Amazon packaging

Amazon signs UK deal with Mexican food company

Delivering the Goods: Why ‘Free Delivery’ is an Unbeatable Deal!

Markets steady despite Ukraine fears

Markets steady despite Ukraine fears

This Pin is a article by Bill Gates on how GDP understates economic growth, and how GDP is an inaccurate indicator in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bill Gates: how GDP understates economic growth

Moocs: students in the global south are wary of a 'sage on the stage'

This pin is about the growth effects of financial development in Ghana.

Financial development and economic growth in Ghana: Does the measure of financial development matter?

The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund

by Josh MacPhee (Justseeds)