Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada Winter

Where I get fresh-air-itis & refuse to come in. Intoxicating Canadian alberta winter: Wide sunny blue skies, the invigorating cold, Snow!

The world's largest teepee - 20 storeys in Medicine Hat, Alberta

The world's largest roadside attractions

The worlds largest teepee ~ Medicine Hat, Alberta 20 stories It was built to coincide with the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary

7 Wonders of Medicine Hat, Alberta | Editing Luke

A collection of 7 Wonders in Medicine Hat, Alberta that you need to explore for yourself! Photography by Luke Fandrich.

WW2 Prisoner of War Camp 132 in Medicine Hat, Alberta

A photo essay highlighting the history behind the Prisoner of War Camp that was in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Photography by Luke Fandrich.

The youngest person ever to be convicted of multiple murders in Canada, Jasmine Richardson was twelve when she brutally murdered her parents and younger brother in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

When children murder, it's shocking. Even more shocking and unimaginable is when children murder their own parents. The youngest person ever charged with multiple counts of murder in Canada is Jasmine Richardson, who was 12 years old at the time of.