Toronto Blue Jays' Joe Carter - World Series winning Home Run!  "Touch em all Joe"

Toronto Blue Jays' Joe Carter - Gm winning, World Series winning walk off homer!, The Toronto Blue jays became the FIRST non-US team to win the World Series.

Toronto Blue Jays

Change it to say Skydome again and then this is accurate. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays' pitchers Aaron Sanchez & Marcus Stroman

Sanchez feels Stroman’s pain but young Jays’ bond still strong

Aaron Sanchez will break camp in the Blue Jays rotation, while buddy Marcus Stroman suffered a season-ending knee injury in spring training.

Toronto Blue Jays

Joe Carter’s Walk-Off World Series Home Run. This pic also lead to the summer of Hip Hop Memes.

Toronto Blue Jays Logos History

Toronto Blue Jays logos throughout the years. The first is still the best, the latest being a close second.

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