Goals / Objectives:    The student will learn about Canadian artist Emily Carr. The student will learn how to observe and draw trees. The student will learn to use white crayon to create a resist. The student will learn to create a watercolor tree landscape inspired by Emily Carr.

Emily Carr inspired tree art - use a pencil to draw outline, then trace over with black sharpie. Use a white crayon to add designs, then finish with a water colour wash.

Emily Carr my Canadian favourite! This is more abstract than some of her other stuff.

One of my favourite Canadian artists, Emily Carr Forest 1 - acrylic on canvas (not sure of the year)

Idaho Beauty's Creative Journey: "Emily Carr Skies"

Carr, Emily Big Eagle, Skidigate, 1929 Watercolor on paper cm x cm Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

emily carr   totem mother

Emily Carr Totem Mother Kitwancool 1928 oil on canvas Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery .