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sweet and crispy chicken wings

sweet and crispy chicken wings (had no rice vinegar but used sherry and it was nice, dont overcook sauce because it won't stick and even coated peanuts can be used… ps. ordinary pancake syrup will do fine too)

Vegan Green Pancakes from Weelicious

Patrick's Day last year, Kenya's class asked the parents to volunteer to cook something in the classroom with the kids that was simple, fun and

Jessica Alba's Turkey Meatballs

TURKEY BALLS WITH ZUCCHINI Actress Jessica Alba likes to make a big batch of her tasty turkey meatballs, then serve them with different side dishes throughout the week. Try: Roasted Squash with Parmesan and Herbs

Easy soft pretzels that are great to make with kids because they don't need complictated steps and are done quickly.

Easy No Knead, No Rise Soft Pretzels have been my cold-weather indoor kid activity for years - fun to make and fun to eat. Prepare to become pretty popular with your kid& friends. An Oregon Cottage

Dumb Starbucks Oat Bars

I am somewhat gifted at staying in bed until the very last possible minute and my morning routine is timed down to a