Les créations de Stéphanie: J'ai... Qui a... ? : 2 autres versions

Qui a. : 2 autres versions (Do this with french) Frenglish :) The kids would love it!


Les Couleurs - great song to teach colours in French, but also to use as a brain break. I play it for grade class and have them jump up everytime they sing a colour that they are wearing. They constantly ask for the colour song!

Everyday French - School - use this clip to introduce unit on school.

Everyday French - School - Great clip to show kids the similarities and differences between our schools and schools in France.

This is a cute little french song about conversation for beginners.

ABeginning French Conversation Song - I do not claim any rights to any of this video, I just want to add the subtitles and share it for French language learn.

quel age as tu?.m4v...just might drill it into their heads.

Quel âge as-tu? - cute video song just to get this one question into students' heads

Learn french free Learn to Speak french online

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A family Christmas in France--English subtitles

A peek at a traditional French Christmas among family. Note the little shoes under the tree rather than stockings hung by the chimney with care;

Je m'appelle Funny Bear - Full French Version - Gummy Bear Song. My students will live this for a French class brain break!!

Je m'appelle Funny Bear - Full French Version - Gummy Bear Song- I get the feeling Freshmen would really like this.