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a painting of a woman walking in the snow with animals and birds around her,
Tijana Lukovic on Instagram: “Happy Winter solstice. Good Yule ❄️✨ “Almost everything we do to celebrate Yuletide is about one thing: bringing light and warmth to our…”
a painting of some animals in the snow with trees and stars around them, as if they are jumping into the air
Shop | The Goddess & The Green Man
Gaia's Winter Rest
a painting of a fox in the snow with trees and flowers around it, looking at an owl
helen warlow on Twitter
a painting of a white rabbit sitting in the middle of a forest with two birds flying by
Celebrate Each New Day
a drawing of a fox sleeping in the snow
LadyTeapots🎄🫖 on Twitter
a painting of a naked woman sitting on top of a ball with roots growing out of it
Astro Maya - Mercredi 5 Octobre 2016
Astro Maya - Mercredi 5 Octobre 2016
a woman laying on the ground with her arms up in the air while she is taking a photo
seedling | A seed is a seed. But that does not remain. It mu… | Flickr
a painting of a woman holding a rabbit in her lap with a dove flying overhead
Dreaming of Spring
Wendy Andrew | Dreaming of Spring
a painting of a woman with her hands in the air and a wolf on her shoulder
Painting Dreams
Brigid Wolf Maiden --- From frozen winter wilds come through; To wake from sleep all life anew. Wolf Spirit-path finder Brigid Goddess - fire bringer, Come light our ways, Come warm our days, The Imbolc spark of life is come! Blessings brought by Brigid's swan! (by Wendy Andrew)
a large pot is cooking over an open fire with two wooden spoons sticking out of it
Celebrating Imbolc: Imbolc Food, Imbolc Traditions, and Imbolc Crafts I will be making sun king soup outside
a painting of a woman sitting in the woods reading a book and holding a lit candle
Brigid - Goddess of Poetry
The Wheel and the Disk: Brigid - Goddess of Poetry
a table topped with candles and flowers on top of a white table cloth covered table
Imbolc Altar.
an image of a woman in the middle of a circle with stars around her, surrounded by animals
Deity of Imbolc-Brighid
Deity of Imbolc-Brighid