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Guys get P!nk to this little girl. I just lost a dear friend to CF about a week before Halloween. Spread the word. FUCF Fight Until A Cure Is Found. Help this little girl meet P!nk.

Well, i don't know if she will get to meet "Pink?" However, please pray for her and her family. * If she does get to meet "pink" i hope she enjoys herself. * Thanks, and god bless, E.

I got: gryffindor! what harry potter house are you?

This is a quiz to find out what harry potter house you are.

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Guys seriously stop it. This freaks little girls out. My cousin who is 7 read this post and was screaming and didn't sleep all night. All you jackasses who make these posts just stop. Could u rly be so heartless?⬅ that wasn't me but I agree